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Desinfecta AG



Desinfecta AG

Bernstrasse 1
CH-3066 Deisswil b. Stettlen

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Interview with Desinfecta

At Pest-Protect® Messe 2016

Interview with our great partners from Switzerland, Jürg Aebischer and Simon Gross.


Desinfecta about eMitter

"We trust on eMitter as we are convinced that it is productive, innovative and game-changing:

  • productive - as it leads to a permanent and tox-free extinction of an infestation
  • innovative - as it is the perfect synthesis of our craft and modern trigger- and conveyance-technology
  • game-changing - as it give modern pest control the local value, which present and future standards demand

… and simply, because we pull in the same direction together and still see a lot potential for our sector"


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