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Biotec Klute



Biotec Klute GmbH

Rudolf Diesel Straße 35
33178 Borchen

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About Biotec Klute

"eMitter is the premium solution for your comopany-no matter what happens."

As an associate company of FuturA, we guarantee for the practicability of products like eMitter, NARA® and SWOPBOX. Our aim was always not just to have a working system, but to beat all standards. If you are a private houshold or an internationally operating company with highest certifications-we offer bespoke solution for you.

Contact us for your individual concept for pest management with eMitter Permanent Monitoring, as many renowned companies are already using it.

The current legislation in Germany (biocide-guide-line, RMM's) forces PCO's to find long lasting solutions that will not require changing in the next 12 months. eMitter offers a honest and reasonable concept that will control your rodent acitvity even in 10 years from today-no matter which legislation is guilty and challanges your certification.

Trust in us for an effective and lasting solution in premium Pest Control for today and tomorrow.

Oliver Klute and Kai Schefflerzoom
Oliver Klute and Kai Scheffler

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