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How does it work?

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Falle und Maus

Permanent Monitoring

24/7-control for rat and mouse stations

eMitter saves your daily manual control of all traps, which is required by food standards and animal welfare law. eMitter stations are connected to the server and allow 24/7 surveillance of your site, anywhere and anytime. Our broad portfolio of sensors and stations helps you choose flexible from anything that fits in with your service, seamlessly.  When a rodent is captured by our humane solutions, eMitter sends a secure signal and let you know via intelligent Apps and online tools. 


Digital trap systems

One for all

Safe, comfortable and efficient

Humane trapping solutions at their best


The safest alternative for the food industry

Hygiene standards (IFS, AIB, BRC etc.) ban rodenticides in food and pharma processing sites: eMitter uses mechanical traps and non-toxic baits for green PestManagement


Flexible and modular

Transmitters with and without batteries and interference-free signals are compliant with highest security standards


In compliance with the German Animal Welfare Act

Did you know that in Germany snap traps need to be checked daily? eMitter guarantees 24/7-365 surveillance for most humane and non-toxic pest control solutions.


High transparency and easy management

Use our cost-free Apps and websites for efficient documentation and reporting. Alerts can be pushed via App or several email recipients.


Reliable trapping solutions

We offer not only one, but dozens of Stations that are compliant with our BEEP, BASIC and PRO transmitters, so you can choose the perfect station for your service.


Go Green, go eMitter

Looking at laws and standards publishing directives to fully ban rodenticides off the professional market, smart systems grow in popularity. Choose eMitter for an international partner network and over 10 years experience in smart control.


Worldwide control via eMitter-Apps

Push-notifications via E-mail or eMitter-App


With push notifications on your iPhone or Android you are always up to date

Permanent Kontrolle

Signal technology

We use premium technology only

We're offering several different transmitters and types of technology within our eMitter product range.
Our indoor Transmitters for instance are "EnOcean" powered. EnOcean is world-leading in home-automation and the technology is used in millions of devices worldwide. Looking at present solutions in the market, batteries always has been the biggest issue in permanent monitoring as you don't want to become dependent on changing batteries every 4 weeks. Our patented EnOcean technology is powered by mechanical energy, like a light switch, and can send a strong signal through walls and long distance for years and years only by the trigger of a trap or station. Less impact on our environment, more power for your permanent monitoring.
Also we use NB IoT, Sigfox and other leading technologies to ensure that for your personal demands and your country we have the best technology at hand.


eMitter-Online Management

Administration, assessment, statistics

Our website offers more than you would expect. 

Usability and simplicity are key features. Manage clients, App users, site plans , Transmitters, Routers and Controllers, anytime.


6 good reasons

For eMitter Permanent Monitoring

  • Automatic control of your stations thanks to 24/7 Permanent Monitoring
  • Online-documentation on eMitter website and Apps
  • High transparency regarding intensity of infestation and type of rodent
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility with our variety of traps
  • Maintenance-free solution without changing batteries
  • Green, non-toxic and ecological, compliant with any law and standard

Customer´s opions

About eMitter BEEP and PRO

Peter Trotman

"Pest control often requires traps to be placed in difficult to reach rodent harbourages that are costly to inspect and the client needs instant notification of a rodent capture. One easy answer is the emitter beep.

A super simple but highly reliable and effective audio warning sounds when a rodent trap has potentially caught a rodent. So good it’s a wonder we didn't have this years ago!"

"The face of pest control is changing at an ever increasing pace. Gone are the days of blanket baiting with high volume of toxic baits and a more targeted approach using intelligence to apply the right control measures only when needed. A very useful part of an intelligent offering is instant notification of pest activity. Emitter is the ‘best of breed’ remote monitoring systems we have seen worldwide. It works because it is easy to set up, flexible and has long distance signaling."

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Peter Trotman, Managing Director Mitie Pest Control UK


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