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eMitter videos

Manuals, interviews and more


Our eMitter products

eMitter BEEP

Acoustic rodent alarm every 30 seconds. 

eMitter BASIC

How to set up a site using eMitter basic.



Used with eMitter BEEP

Mr. Gorilla at Pest-Protect 2016®



Installing the RUNBOX ECO

Installing the RUNBOX PRO


Installing eMitter Monitoring Station

Installig the TinCat


Installing the SNAPBOX PRO

Installing the Trapper MC


Installing the EPP-Tunnel

Installing the Speed-Break


Installing the SWOPBOX

Watch the video to see how to mount eMitter outdoor transmitters into the eMitter Monitoring Station. 

Mounting eMitter outdoor transmitter


Our NARA® baits

NARA® products VS organic bait


NARA® BLOC in action

NARA® LIQUID in action


Interviews at Pest-Protect® 2016

Interview with our great partners from Switzerland Jürg Aebischer and Simon Gros.

Interview with the CEO of Vogt + Sommer GmbH, Jürgen Sommer.


Interview with Peter Pans and André Prins, Anticimex Holland.

Interview with Frances McKim, Editor of Europe's leading Magazine "Pest Magazine".


Interview with CEO of Desinsecta GmbH, Andreas Beumert.

Interview with Lars Schaumann, Managing Director of Tulholais Palvelut Finnland.


Interview with Tero Haikonnen, Sales Director

Discussing serious business with General Manager of Alpeco, Heiko Kaiser.


Interviews with Darren O'Toole, Managing Director of PestGuard Ireland.


Interviews with Kai Scheffler, CEO of Biotec-Klute GmbH at the Pest-Protect® 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany. 


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