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New standard in the area of bait stations for the hygiene sector.

The SWOPBOX sets new standards in the area of bait stations for the hygiene sector. Bait stations present a significant risk to hygiene areas. As a result of the common floor mounting bacteria and dirt get behind and into the bait stations. The SWOPBOX is perfectly suited for hygienic areas which are wet cleaned as it is mounted on the wall. The bar code used for the documentation remains on the wall adaptor and does not require changing. Moreover, the SWOPBOX complies with the food guidelines for the purpose of Regulation (EG) No. 852/2004 (HACCP) and the extended requirements of the International Food Standard Version 6.0, IFS Logistic, BRC 6, AIB in the area of the bait station.

Installation SWOPBOX

Installation of eMitter SWOPBOX


Dry and protected from moulding

Moisture may easily enter standard bait boxes which could lead to a mould problem in the bait station. The SWOPBOX was designed in such a way that water penetrating the housing can easily run back out. Moisture- or mould problems are therefore prevented. This is of advantage wherever daily cleaning is required. Additionally wall-mounting makes the penetration of water during cleaning more difficult.

Revolutionary design for wall-mounting

The SWOPBOX may be fitted to the wall vertically which prevents it from being relocated or even destroyed by cleaning works or operational business.
Although it can be opened with a simple one-hand technique it is still tamper proof. The two components of the SWOPBOX can easily be replaced if necessary. The wall adaptor remains on the wall while the housing is swapped. This is a major advantage compared to conventional bait stations. Other bait boxes are a popular dirt collector. The unique design of the SWOPBOX prevents this.

Ecological, weather-proof and can be used anywhere

Due to the extremely durable and weather-proof plastic the trap is suitable for an inside and outside use.

Plug-and-Play Principle

With a simple “click” the SWOPBOX can be equipped with a Kness trap or any other similar types and therefore offers you the possibility to choose the preferred snap trap.

Visual indicator

A further innovation is the green indicator. It shows whether a snap trap placed in the SWOPBOX was activated. Even from a far distance it is visible whether the green indicator sticks out or not. Due to the blue colour of the SWOPBOX possible product contamination can be determined immediately-an additional protection which makes sense.


All advantages of the SWOPBOX

at a glance

  • Flexible use thanks to the application of a variety of attractants and baits, as well as the Kness snap trap or similar types
  • Visual indicator to identify infestation
  • Wall assembly possible due to the hygienic, secure and practical design
  • Slot for the eMitter Permanent Monitoring
  • Compliance with IFS, BRC, HACCP AIB and M&S
Click to read the complete article (english translation)
Click to read the complete article (english translation)

Survey Report for SWOPBOX by publicly appointed expert

"Die SWOPBOX hat sich als sehr praktisch erwiesen, v.a. in Hygienebereichen wie Produktion und in Bereichen mit hoher Reinigungsfrequenz, da unter ihr gereinigt werden kann ohne die Box verschieben zu müssen, wodurch häufig die Schlagfalle in der Box ausgelöst wird und damit nicht mehr aktiv wäre." (...)


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