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The best choice in case of house mouse infestation.


With the eMitter Permanent Monitoring there is no need for daily checks – You don’t have to react until receiving a notification via e-mail/sms. Benefit from the convenient advantages of this effective pest control method.
Common traps hinder the rodent and try to lure it into the trap.

The Speed-Break uses the natural routes of the rodents: due to its open design it presents no obstacle to the rodent –it runs right through it and is killed instantly. No poisons or attractants – which is especially suitable with regards to bait shyness and preference of the primary source of food of rodents.


Installing the Speed-Break

Installation of eMitter Speed-Break with the eMitter App for a running Permanent Monitoring System.


Advantages at a glance

  • Obstacle-free trap system for the fast, species-appropriate and unproblematic eradication of bait-shy house mouse populations in compliance with §4 Animal Welfare Act
  • Reliable method over night
  • Speed-Break enables the management of far away places (e.g. bakery branches)
  • Rounded lid to prevents running over the Speed-Break
  • Ultra-thin walls enable a seamless transfer into the catch channel
  • Special ground construction prevents formation of brackish water
  • Mirror-inverted positioning of Kness snap traps guarantess best catch results
  • Improved acceptance due to particularly large tunnel entrances
  • Quick, unproblematic opening (optional positioning of a sticker-hinge)
  • Components as well as snap traps separately available

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