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classic and reliable domed snap trap station


The SNAPBOX PRO is a classic domed box, made for eMitter.

These types of boxes are a very safe and reliable alternative on the market to use a snap trap in any area.
Combined with eMitter transmitters, which sit very firmly inside the station, daily controls are redundant and you only need to react on alerts when pushed to you or your client via mail or notification on your mobile device.
Due to the small entrance holes and the 90° curve inside, it is very secure and can also be used in high risk sites as it is child and dog proof.
In combination with an attractive NARA® Lure or Bloc it is even more attractive for mice. The domed design was introduced according to studies that showed that mice and rats like to sit while they eat and therefore need more space up above them. As the SNAPBOX may be equipped with any bait this is an additional feature of it's success.

We recommend to use the SNAPBOX PRO with low to medium infestations. Tunneltraps as e.g. the RUNBOX are more effective in high infestations as they offer a larger opening hole. 

SNAPBOX is a very high quality and very safe station at an attractive pricing to use in your solution portfolio with eMitter Permanent Monitoring. 

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Installing the SNAPBOX PRO

How to handle and install the SNAPBOX Pro.


SNAPBOX used with eMitter

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