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Ecologic, economic and extremely efficient.


RUNBOX PRO is your first choice for active mouse control.

As it has two large openings on both sides, rodents do not see the station as a gap, but "RUN" straight through it, even without a bait, and get caught immediately. 
It is made out of very high quality (Made in Germany) and foldable synthetic material. Since the material of the plastic has been spared on the ground of both the entrance-holes mice keep moving on natural surface and do not face any obstacle or repellent plastic material in their runway as with other stations. The box's top is very steep and slippery so mice can not jump and run over the box and leave their trail there.

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Installing the RUNBOX PRO

How to handle and install RUNBOX PRO.



RUNBOX will be sitting on the RUNBOX BASE, which will hold 2 snap traps / break back traps (Gorilla, Kness, Rotech and similar models) and an eMitter BEEP, BASIC and PRO transmitter in the middle to connect it to your intelligent Permanent Monitoring solution. The BASE is very robust (Made in Germany) and very few need replacement due to damages (of e.g. forklifts) as mostly only the RUNBOX PRO (plastic cover) will be damaged.

Just click the 4 adapters in the RUNBOX BASE to make sure it sits in it firmly.

Logistics is very important. If you ever carried around 100 tunnel traps to install them at a site you know what we are talking about. As RUNBOX PRO is foldable (just as RUNBOX ECO) you can carry around 100pcs in a very lightweight carton only as big as a box of water bottles. You will see this in your wallet as well as you save further costs for shipping.

RUNBOX PRO is available worldwide with all our listed partners (see "Partners"). If you wish to use a private labeling for RUNBOX then please don't hesitate to contact our employees.

RUNBOX PRO: ecological material, economical pricing. For sure the most efficient tunnel trap in the market for active mouse control or monitoring.


Use eMitter Power Magnets (EPM) to mount the RUNBOX PRO, ECO or other stations to the wall. This clever and low-cost alternative to sticky wires ensures that your station will stay at the wall, always. Choose EPM as a very flexible solution, that is recommended by leading certifying companies (such as AIB etc.). Often times cleaning personell removes station from the wall, which is negative as rodents don't run through the box anymore. This will not happen with EPM! 

If needed though, your clients can remove the station to clean under it easily. This perfect mixture of easy set-up (and replacement if necessary), flexibility and hygiene and last but not least a very attractive pricing compared to other station's solutions. This makes it a perfect tool in the tool box of a Pest Management Professional.


RUNBOX PRO used with eMitter

Schaustoff Adapter BEEP
eMitter BEEP
Schaumstoff Adapter BASIC
Schaumstoff Adapter BASIC


eMitter PRO mit Batterie

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