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App for Android, iPhone and iPad

Installation, management and control-at any time with your Smartphone.

  • Integration of the traps and controllers by simply scanning the QR-Code
  • Infestation notifications of all customers at a glance
  • Resetting the infestation notification via App by the pest controller or the customer
  • On- and offline operation
  • No need for expensive and unhandy pocket PCs
  • Integration of pictures is possible
  • GPS connection is possible


Download your eMitter App for free now for Iphone, Android smartphones, tablets and many more.

Don't even think about expensive and low quality Pocket PC technology.
Modern and trend-setting mobile Pest Control Solutions are to be found here, within your eMitter app.



The eMitter app is available in english, german, french, spanish, italian, portuguese, hebrew and hindi.

Browse in your individual client list, which leads you to further steps within the installation and management of eMitter permanent monitoring.

Broad Pest Management, on-site and as easy as possible.

All information about the infestation are to be found directly at the bait station:

"When did controlpoint 227.1 in the warehouse of client XY send its last alert?"

Just scan the QR-Code of the respective control point and the eMitter app will show you the exact date and time.


QR-Code scanner

"Our clients are excited when they see how easy an actual installation of eMitter Permanent Monitoring is. Most of them didn't believe that it is indeed this easy to installing a clients' permanent monitoring system for the next 10 years.", Kai Scheffler, General Manager of FuturA


Just scan the QR-code on the checkpoint/trap. Therefore the camera of your smartphone opens when you click on "Scan". Just place the trap in front of the camera and after 1-3 seconds it is done and all that's left is just to choose a name for the trap. Same is to be done with the controllers: scan its QR-code, give it a name and put it in place.


You have to work in the dark? No problem, just press the light bulb-symbol and your smartphones' flashlight will appear and enlighten the picture everytime you need it.


Monitor editing

After scanning for example a SWOPBOX eMitter transmitter you see its respective MAC (individual ID of the sender) and in the field below its name.

Just choose the checkpoint- or controlpoint-name that you wish, for example:

-"controlpoint 1"


-"bait station next to the entrance door, left"

-"acute station, 13 rat"

-"34, in the warehouse, behind the bread"

This way you can all the desired information about your eMitter trap for every client, everywhere at any time.


List of customers

By clicking on your clients, you see a broad list of all your clients with all the important info on first sight.

Each technician is responsible for different client groups? No problem. Client lists can be created individually, so all your employees see only the clients they are responsible for.

You want your clients to work with the app themselves? This also is no problem at all. Thus your client can only see his/hers own company with respective areas and nothing more.

To add a client to the list, you just have to type in the name in your LogIn and click "save"-now your new client appears in the app, no matter where your employees are located at the moment.

On first sight you see the alerts of your clients (red).

Clicking on the blue arrow leads you to the overview of all alerts. In this list you can manage, delete or comment the alerts directly from your smartphone.

One click on the client leads you to the main overview in which you'll find your controllers and eMitter traps for your corresponding client.


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