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eMitter PRO

Permanent Monitoring since 2006

eMitter PRO
Peter Trotman

"The face of pest control is changing at an ever increasing pace. Gone are the days of blanket baiting with high volume of toxic baits and a more targeted approach using intelligence to apply the right control measures only when needed. A very useful part of an intelligent offering is instant notification of pest activity. Emitter is the ‘best of breed’ remote monitoring systems we have seen worldwide. It works because it is easy to set up, flexible and has long distance signaling."

Mitie Logo

Peter Trotman, Managing Director Mitie Pest Control UK

Jürg Aebischer

"We count on eMitter PRO as it fulfills highest demands regarding reliability, security and cost-efficiency whilst simultaneously fully operating without poison and thus preserving our environment."

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Jürg Aebischer, CEO Desinfecta AG


How does it work?

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Management via Apps, Email and Website

What do you expect from a permanent monitoring solution?

Let us best quote one of our partners, a Managing Director of a leading PestControl company: "Permanent Monitoring systems need to tick all the boxes: flexibility, long distance signals, easy set-up. And all of this is delivered by eMitter."

-What some call "future" is our daily "standard"-

Of course we deliver most modern Apps and Websites for professional management of eMitter alerts, keep-alives, signal range, user and site management and so much more. We don't call that a feature, this is just our standard.

-Solutions for everyday PestControl-

We're well aware of the daily routine of our colleagues in the industry since day one: since 2006 we're developing and producing Permanent-Monitoring solutions and distribute these worldwide.

Thanks to our international partner-network we know what counts. This is why eMitter PRO can be set-up within seconds without any manual and our small transmitter can be fit in any of your stations.

-Making your service "smart", with eMitter-

  • Set-up within seconds
  • dozens of different traps and stations
  • interference-proof signals (EnOcean)
  • distances up to 1.500m
  • transmitters with and without batteries
  • daily keep-alives thanks to strong, rechargeable batteries
  • trainings and live set-up support, anywhere
  • professional online-documentation in our cloud
  • alerts via App or Email
  • cost-free Apps for Android and Apple
Oliver Klute

"Our passion are highly intelligent solutions that fit seamlessly with your service. Our job is done when you say "It's that easy!?", because we're fighting for substantial and modern PestControl, that doesn't only deliver security to your business, but it also delivers long-term value to our environment and all this is only possible through intuitive technology."

Oliver Klute, Managing Director Futura Germany

eMitter PRO transmitters for indoor and outdoor application



Overview eMitter infrastructure

With eMitter Pro you build up a safe and independent infrastructure in your client site with Routers and Controllers. Routers increase your signal distance and Controllers encase a SIM card with which all traps communicate with our servers. With this smart overview you can calculate the quantities of Routers and Controller you would need per site as an indication:

Transmitter Router Controller
5 1 1
10 2 1
20 3 1
40 6 1
60 10 1
100 15 2

For eMitter Direct and PestCam you don’t need the above infrastructure as they work stand-alone with an encased SIM card or similar technology.

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