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Basic display

for easy documentation

Your basic solution for Pest Management. Permanent Monitoring is this easy!

The display basic controller shows your all trap alerts at all times on one small display.

Up to 99 traps can be added easily and fast.

Normally the light glows green, but if there is a catch immediately the red light shines bright and a red number appears on the display. This number shows you which station/control point has an infestation. When you catch many rodents in different traps at the same time, the numbers will appear one after the other.

One sight on your site-plan and you know where trap "2" is to be found. 2 minutes later the rodent is depolluted and the trap is active again. Then your basic display controller glows green again and the Permanent Monitoring safety shield for your company is active again.

The basic controller comes with the basic-booklet, which offers you the following possibilities:

  • manual for the display
  • how to work with eMitter SWOPBOX
  • how to work with eMitter Speed-Break
  • documentation (rat or mouse, date & time, control point, comment)
  • site map
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