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eMitter BEEP

The world's easiest Permanent Monitoring

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Peter Trotman

"Pest control often requires traps to be placed in difficult to reach rodent harbourages that are costly to inspect and the client needs instant notification of a rodent capture. One easy answer is the emitter beep.

A super simple but highly reliable and effective audio warning sounds when a rodent trap has potentially caught a rodent. So good it’s a wonder we didn't have this years ago!"

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Peter Trotman, Managing Director Mitie Pest Control UK


eMitter BEEP

Acoustic rodent alarm

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  • when a trap is activated eMitter BEEP "beeps"
  • eMitter BEEP sends 3 acoustic signals every 30 seconds
  • special frequency will be heard over long distances
  • no false alerts
  • battery life span of up to 3 years (changeable battery)
  • only one button for activation / deactivation
  • perfectly suitable for supermarkets, small and mid-sized end-clients
  • use eMitter BEEP for call-outs, jobs, warehouses, offices, private clients and many more
  • save yourself from annoying and time-consuming controls without a result 
  • acoustic alerts guarantee easy recovery of trap
  • catch rodents in difficult areas like suspended ceilings or floors
  • superb solution, compliant with animal protection laws
  • low-cost first approach into permanent monitoring 
  • high quality, Made in Germany
  • worldwide patented technology, CE approved



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Fits in all stations

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Click to read the complete articlezoom


"The client was very happy with the system setup and thought the BEEP alert was truly benificial as an early alert to staff that mice were present."


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