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eMitter BASIC

Remote monitoring at its best

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eMitter Basic

Up to 99 remote stations at one glance



Permanent Monitoring could not be easier. 

Our aim is to keep things simple. A product can only thrive to be a perfect solution if it is easy to use, especially in professional pest control.

Choose from a variety of different traps and stations (all to be found on our website with pictures and videos).  We develop technology for stations that proved to be successful and not the other way around, because we want you to have an effective tool and not just a neat working technology that doesn't catch any rodents.

You need three things: Transmitters, Repeater, Controller

Our Controller can save up to 99 transmitters/stations. For long distances just plug in an additional repeater or even up to 2 repeaters so the signal can hop straight to the controller. With eMitter BASIC you can cover very large sites, but it is also proved to work perfectly in supermarkets, offices or warehouses, even private homes.

Our eMitter Transmitters are powered by EnOcean technology, which is world-leading in home-automation and sends a secure signal that is not interfering with WIFI or any other solution.

Laws, regulations and standards force professional companies to control snap traps at least daily. Save yourself from time-consuming controls and visits.

Do it the eMitter way! 

  • Up to 99 traps
  • World-leading EnOcean technology
  • Simple installation
  • Choose your favorite station
  • Notification straight to the display
  • Easily extendable with up to 2 levels of repeaters



How does it work?

functioning eMitter Basiczoom


  • Repeater


    If your eMitter signal strength measuring tells you the signal is low, because of the ...

  • Basic display

    Basic display

    On the display every alert is shown instantly and opens the door for easy documentation ...


  • Basic Documentation

    Basic Documentation

    The basic documentation is your helping hand to draw a site plan, document any catch and ...


Fits in all stations - be flexible and do it the eMitter way!

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The German classic for house mouse infestations


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